About Us

Our Clients

We have been working with some of the most prestigious companies across the globe. We work to get the best for our clients and believe in not just providing a service to our clients but forming a relationship based on understanding our client’s needs and then developing a solution based on those needs.
Some of the key clients we have worked with are below

We have a long term view and fully commit ourselves to live up to clients expectations for quality solutions and services. To integrate our core values into our daily work efforts to foster a positive company culture which make us easier to make decision, foster teamwork and helping the collaboration so we have established a set of core value and company culture with the following mission.

Core Value

Whatever we do, we do better than others by providing a passion for service. We are passionate about what we are doing by seeking the best and committing to it. Our strong teamwork helps us striving for excellence service for our clients.

We are qualified, skilled, committed and excellence in all we do. Great just isn’t good enough, we take pride in providing high quality solutions and delivering exceptional service to clients. A good reputation is well established over the years.

Without trust, nothing gets done. It is only after trust is built that everyone can work together to find a solution. So we seek to consistently build trusted and enduring relationship with clients, partners and employees to achieve mutual business goal.

Company Culture

Fast is better than slow. Efficiency is important in business world because our time is vulnerable, so an effective time management is very important, we need to put the task in the right priority. When we see something important needs to be done, do it immediately. We provide service with effectiveness and efficiency to clients, not only on the cost but also the quality and the speed. We can achieve our goal with ease if we work smart with proper time management and working method.

Teamwork is the key to success which a good culture of teamwork can help to complete the tasks and accomplish business goals. We are team-oriented culture enjoy higher levels of employee retention. Strong teams work harder and smarter hence it can help to increase the productivity. So, we are seeking for good team players but not individual contributors.

Different people with different opinions so conflicts cannot be avoidable in the workplace, but we encourage colleagues to express opinions and ideas. We should listen to different views of opinions and reach to a consensus for the final decision. We work together to achieve the goal when we finally come to the consensus.

Commitment means staying loyal to what you said you were going to do, simply a promise made to someone, and you keep the words. Commitment is the foundation of great accomplishments for a company in long term development. Without commitment, nothing happens. We make the commitment and take action to set the tone for all by providing the excellent quality of services to clients with 100% efforts and can-do spirit.

Environmental protection

Win solutions concern about the environmental protection. We are conscious of our responsibility, and we strive for the highest levels of environmental compatibility in development, production and the disposal of our products. Awards and grants from different organizations, including a grant from the European Community as part of the LIFE project are evidence of our environmental commitment.

Environmental protection is an important part of our corporate principles and accompanies all environmental processes within the company. We are careful to make all products and our production and business processes, in collaboration with our employees, as environmentally friendly as possible.

As a company with decades of experience in the fields of waste technology and recycling, we ensure that recycling never becomes more expensive, but instead becomes simpler and specifically more effective, both for our customers and for our internal waste disposal and recycling operations.

This significant contribution to environmental protection is our incentive to research other solutions and improvements. Going far beyond the legal framework guidelines, we consider ourselves to be a company that takes its environmental responsibility seriously.